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Home Janitorial & Equipment Window Cleaning Squeegees and Rubbers 36" Hard Replacement Rubbers

36" Hard Replacement Rubbers

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£2.82 ex VAT £3.38 incl.
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Unger Replacement rubber blades
Quality tools for smart cleaning.
These rubbers are avialable in both Soft and Hard depending on requirements.
They can be cut to fit whatever size is required.
Hard Rubber - for use in warm weather conditions, as they soften from the warmth.
Soft Rubber - for use in cold weather conditions, as they harden in the cold weather.

Unger offers a complete line of professional window cleaning tools. Our line of professional window cleaning tools helps cleaning professionals clean more productively and safely, and enhances a building's sanitation and appearance.


Innovative and Ergonomic.


All Unger products are designed to meet the demands of the Professional Window Cleaning Industry. Innovation and Ergonomics are always at the forefront or research and product development to enable professionals to work faster, more efficiently and above all safely.


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