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Home Hotel and Catering Catering Oven Cleaners & Descaler Avmor Chef - Griddle, Fryer and Oven Cleaner (1 x 4L)

Avmor Chef - Griddle, Fryer and Oven Cleaner (1 x 4L)

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Griddle, Fryer & Oven Cleaner

Chef is an extremely quick effective cleaner for grills, fryers, hot plates and ovens. It has a unique and proven formula for removing baked-on carbon, leaving no residue or lingering odour with a deep cleaning action.

It’s a biodegradable cleaner degreaser formulated to remove baked on carbon and fat from kitchen equipment, working by lifting the soil and breaking down the grease for super fast removal. When using Chef there is no more scraping necessary which protects against damage to surfaces and no taste-transfer possible.

Dilution rates vary from NEAT-500ml per Litre of water depending on the appliance being cleaned.


Principle Uses:

Industrial kitchens for: ovens, grills, barbecue pits, deep fryers, griddles and hot plates.



Griddle Cleaning:

1 - Pre-heat the cooking surface to 80°C (145°F) before cleaning then shut off. 

2 - Dilute 500ml of product per Litre of water and pour directly onto the hot surface. 

3 - Using a cloth under a spatula, scrape the excess greasy solution into the rear gutter. 

4 - Repeat if necessary. Wipe well using potable water and then wipe dry. 

5 - Apply a thin coat of cooking oil to prevent the surface from rusting.

Commercial Oven Cleaning:

1 - Do not dilute. 

2 - Wearing protective gloves, use a sponge to apply Chef directly to walls, racks and glass. 

3 - Let Chef work for 5 to 15 minutes. 

4 - Stubborn areas may need light agitation using a nylon scrubbing pad. 

5 - Rinse well with potable water.

Deep Fryer Cleaning:

1 - Empty completely. 

2 - Scrape-off or hose down to remove excess grease. 

3 - Fill-up to 10 cm from top using cold water. 

4 - Add 24ml to 38ml of product per Litre of water. 

5 - Boil the solution for 30 minutes. 

6 - Scrub the greasy residue while it is still warm. 

7 - Drain and flush off using hot water. 

8 - Rinse well with potable water before use.

Save time, effort and money with Avmor's Chef. 


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