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Home Floorcare Floor Care Products Clean and Buff Floor Maintainers P.D.Q Floor Cleaner/Maintainer 1 x 5 Litres

P.D.Q Floor Cleaner/Maintainer 1 x 5 Litres

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£6.10 ex VAT £7.31 incl.
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Floor Cleaner Maintainer
  • Burnishes to a slip-resistant gloss
  • Cleans and shines quickly - saves time
  • Leaves a fresh, fragrant atmosphere
A fragrant opaque yellow liquid polymeric wax floor maintainer and general cleaner. The solvent-free formula contains the effective bactericide Benzalkonium Chloride.
Removes soiling and scuff marks from the floor and should be used with a burnishing machine to produce a slip-resistant shine.
Use on Vinyl, Thermoplastics, Linoleum, Rubber, Asphalt, Terrazzo, Marble, Sealed and Unsealed Wood, Painted Surfaces and Stone.
Suitable for use in a wide variety or areas, including Schools, Offices, Shops, Airports, Shopping Centres, Airports, Bars, Village Halls and Club, etc.
Spray Cleaning/Burnishing - sweep the floor first, dilute P.D.Q. 1 part to 8 parts water in a hand sprayer.
Apply a fine mist of P.D.Q. solution to the immediate floor area. Allow a few seconds contact time on the floor and then buff the floor until it is dry.
Damp mopping for heavily soiled floors - dilute 1 part P.D.Q. to 15 parts water. Apply P.D.Q. solution, clean up with a mop and allow the floor to dry, then burnish the floor with a polishing machine.
N.B. P.D.Q. may layer, please shake the container before use and always burnish with a polishing machine after each application.

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