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Home Cleaning Solutions Hard Surface & Washroom Cleaners Concentrated Multi Surface Cleaners Avmor Numero Uno - Mould/Mildew Remover - Multi Purpose Cleaner Degreaser (Solvent Free) (1 x 4L)

Avmor Numero Uno - Mould/Mildew Remover - Multi Purpose Cleaner Degreaser (Solvent Free) (1 x 4L)

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Solvent Free Cleaner-Degreaser

Numero uno is an amazing non-butyl cleaner-degreaser that removes animal, vegetable and petroleum oils,greases and mould/mildew better than any domestic cleaner on the market - capable of tacking almost any dirt/grime and suitable for use almost anywhere Numero Uno is your ideal choice for a one-product application for all your cleaning/degreasing needs. 

Numero Uno’s total detergent system emulsifies oils, greases and grime, holding them in suspension ready to be flushed, mopped or wiped away. Numero Uno contains a true odour counteractant that destroys odours.

Numero Uno is a versatile cleaner-degreaser which is used to remove all of grease and oil, soot, carbon, printer’s ink, crayon, lipstick, food spills, wax, floor finish, rubber burns, algae, mould and mildew etc.

For use on almost any washable surface  such as floors, walls, trucks, equipment, machinery, plastic, glass, grills, air conditioning ducts, filters, conveyors, hoods, printing presses, vinyl upholstery, sinks, wash-hand basins, baths, showers, toilets, patios, conservatories, fences and decking. 

Controlled foam free rinsing. Dilution rates vary with method of use and level of soiling.


Heavey grease and oil removal: Dilute 70ml to 340ml of product per Litre of water.


General Cleaning & Degreasing: Dilute 50ml to 115ml of product per Litre of water. 


High pressure washing , Wet Mopping, Sponging, Automatic Scrubbing Machines: Dilute 13ml per 25ml of product per Litre.



Food Establishments: Dilute as required and apply with desired apparatus. Equipment and surfaces subjected to direct food contact must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water after cleaning with this product. Avoid contamination of food during use. Do not store in food processing or food storage area.


Floor Maintenance: Apply via a scrubber drier or mop on. Numero Uno will open the pores of the floor finish allowing soiling to be drawn out. Dilute between 1-10/20 parts with water. Perfect for removing stubborn stains from almost any flooring type - if you have a specific problem floor - give us a call and we'll see if we can assist any further.


Patio, Decking, Fence & Conservatory Cleaning: Dilute as per 'General Cleaning & Degreasing' dilution rates and apply diluted solution via a pump sprayer, watering can or spray bottle. Apply onto desired surface and allow 5-10 minutes contact time, add an extra 5 mins for heavy residues. Then simply rinse off with a garden hose or wipe using damp cloth. Numero Uno will remove all mould, moss, algae and grease from almost any outdoor washable surface. 



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