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Home Floorcare Floor Care Products Clean and Buff Floor Maintainers Avmor Buffalo Shine - Floor Cleaner and Maintainer (1 x 4L)

Avmor Buffalo Shine - Floor Cleaner and Maintainer (1 x 4L)

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A quality floor cleaner and maintainer taking the UK concept of floor maintaining and adding the Avmor advanced polymer technology Buffalo Shine will clean most surfaces, rebuild the shine and help to maintain and enhance the appearance of most sealed floors.
  • Economical dilutes up to 100 to 1
  • Versatile suitable for most types of floor.
  • Low Foam excellence in scrubber driers.
  • Pleasant Fragranced leaves areas smelling good.

Recommended for use on all resilient type floors for daily cleaning and gloss restoring.

Direction for Use:
Damp Mop: 

Dilute Buffalo Shine between 40/50 1 with water depending on the amount of soiling on the floor.

Spray Buff:

Dilute 5 parts with water spray on to a clean floor and buff with a 400 rpm machine and a red pad.

Automatic Scrubber :
Fill machine with water add Buffalo Shine at a rate of up to 60/100 to 1 dilution. Scrub floor using blue pad, buff to a shine.

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