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Victor Floorcare Battery Powered Floor Sweeping Machine

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£3,204.33 ex VAT £3,845.19 incl.
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The FS50BT is an extremely manoeuvrable battery powered sweeper capable of cleaning indoor or outdoor floors quickly and efficiently.

The traction driven sweeper conveys the dirt into the strong but lightweight hopper for easy emptying. The suction can be turned on and off for sweeping of wet areas. The filter can be easily replaced without tools and cleaned reqularly with the mechanical filter shaker. The side brush can be lifted to avoid raising dust into the air on really dusty floors. The variety of brushes available allows you to clean virtually any floor surface effectively.


Sweeping of hard floors and carpeted areas



Easy to use. Little training required
Easy to empty collection hopper
Battery powered
Liftable side brush
Filter shaker
Variety of brushes available
40 litre hopper
Traction driven machine
Cleans right up to an edge
Low maintenance



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