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Home Carpetcare Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Bags and Filters Victor V9 Hepa Vacuum Cleaner Bags-AF487 Airflow Pack of 10

Victor V9 Hepa Vacuum Cleaner Bags-AF487 Airflow Pack of 10

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£6.85 ex VAT £8.21 incl.
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Excellent quality non-genuine vacuum filter bags. Packed in 10's.

 Protect your machine and keep it working like new, always us a bag. Most commercial tub vacuums can be used without a bag but you will notice a performance difference and the vacuum motor will not last, false economy.



Airflo vacuum cleaner bags may at first seem to be more expensive than the cheap competition and, that's true, they are more expensive. But with very good reason.

Airflo hoover bags, unlike many these days, are not made in poor quality facilities in the Far East, specifically, in China. They are made to extremely high standards in Europe, often exceeding the standard of many vacuum cleaner manufacturer's own bags so they don't fail, fall apart if you handle them the wrong way and actually do what they're supposed to do, trap dirt. This will mean that your hoover is working the way it was intended to be without a reduction in performance often found using cheap hoover bags.

Airflo do manufacture for many actual vacuum cleaner manufacturers because their quality is so high. So high in fact that you will find many Airflo vacuum cleaner bags used in commercial applications such as hospitals, schools and the like.


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