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Sebo Dart 1 & 2 Vacuum Cleaner Service Kit

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£24.78 ex VAT £29.73 incl.
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When bags and filters get dirty or blocked they affect the performance of your machine.

It is good practise to change your filters on a regular basis to keep your machine working like new, we recommend changing them when you have used a pack of 10 bags.

The motor filter will cause a loss of suction when it is old or very dirty amd the exhaust filter can harbour smells from the carpet over time, especially if you smoke or have pets.

It is also a good time to check your brush, thus is easy to remove and replace and may be covered on carpet fibres or hairs etc. These can easily be removed when the brush is taken out. You can also check for wear. If you are running on the lowest setting, number 1, and it does not seem to be working as good as it was you may need to change the brush for a new one.

Kit Breakdown:

1 x Sebo Dart Bags 7029C

1 x Motor Protection Filter 7012

1 x Sebo Dart Exhaust Filter 7015ER02


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